1. You are Alpha and Omega by Israel H

  2. You are my strength by William Murphy

  3. I exalt thee by Jesus Culture

  4. No body like you by Miranda Curtis

  5. The atmosphere

6. You are Yahweh

7. You lift you high Yahweh Yahweh

8. Reign Jesus reign

9. Jehovah is your name

10. This is the air i breathe.

11. You are worthy of it all

12. You are the reason I live.

13. You are the Pillar that holds my life.

14. We love you Lord Dr. Tumi

15. Face to face by Collen Maluleke.

16. You are God aline by William Mcdowel.

17. Glory to the Lamb by Benny Hinn.

18. My life belongs to you ( Alpha and Omega..).

19. Way maker

20. How we love your name

21. Hosana in the highest

22. You are the reason i live

23. Step by step ( God you are my God)

24. This is my desire

25. Majesty

26. You deserve the glory

27. You are awesome in this place mighty God

28. There is none like you, no one else can touch my heart like you do..

29. Victory belongs to Jesus

30. You are great by Steve

31. No body greater than you

32. Adonae we worship you

33. Ancient of days as old as you are

34. Elohim by MOG music

35. For your name is Holy by Collen Maluke

37. Baba oo by Sonnie Badu

38. We need you Lord by Dr. Tumi

39. I love you forever / We worship forever

40. He touched me

41. I’m no longer a slave

42. Break every chain

43. Your presence Lord ( Holy spirit you are welcome )


44. Great are you Lord by Sinach

45. He’s my worship

46. Because He lives I can face tomorrow

47. I will worship you this mornig by Arvid Pettersen

48. Yes you are the Lord most high

49. Breathe (Am desperate for you)


50. I give myself away

51. Let praises rise

52. You are awesome in this place 

53. Take all the glory by Proclaim

54. Glorious God beautiful King excellent God ..

55. Jehovah is your name by Ntokozo

56. I stand amazed by Sinach

57. We bow down and worship Yahweh

58. I’ve got confidence in you

59. Ancient of days by Elijah Oyalade ( Great a mighty God) 

60. Still by Hillsong

61. Let your living water

62. Psalm 123, The Lord is my shepherd

63. Covenant keeping God there is no one like you



64. Baba by Sonnie Badu

65. Aweaome God by Sinach

66. I have no other gods but You

67. My hallelujah belongs you

68. We give you glory Lord as we honor you

69. Nara nara

70. Dry bones


71. What a beautiful name 

72. In my life be glorified by Maranda Curtis

73. How excellent is your name o Lord

74. Hosana in the highest by Israel Hougton

75. 10000 reason ( Blessed the Lord oh my soul )

76. Jesus you love me too much oo

77. Bow down and worship

78. O come let us adore him

79. To worship I live

80. Agnus deig ( Holy holy are you Lord God Almighty..)

81. Jesus at the center by Darlene

82. Blessed be the Lord God Almighty ( Father in heaven..)

83. He is Lord 

84. There is nothing like the Presence of the Lord by William

85. Nothing like the presence by William, Travis and Natnael Bassey



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